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Port of Melbourne expansion project to boost yard capacity by 50%

The expansion project of Melbourne Port's Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) is on schedule to be operational by 2024.


After the completion of the US$160 million project, the terminal, operated by International Container Terminals Services, Inc. (ICTSI), is expected to handle two 336-meter container vessels simultaneously, according to the recently appointed VICT CEO Bruno Porchietto.


Once the project is complete, our operations will expand from five quay cranes to eight, adding three new-generation cranes, 10 new automatic stacking cranes (ASC) and 50% increased yard capacity,he noted.


Bruno Porchietto added, VICT will be able to handle neo-Panamax vessels of up to 14,000 TEUs, providing shipping lines with the opportunity to leverage economies of scale and thereby reduce supply chain costs something that isnt available at the Port of Melbournes Swanson dock terminals.


The expansion is being delivered in two phases, the first of which is on track for completion in late 2023. The first phase is expected to increase the terminal's capacity by 25% to 1.25 million TEUs and includes two new quay cranes along with six new ASCs.


The third quay crane and the other four ASCs are part of the second phase, which will be scheduled for completion in line with market demand, according to ICTSI's statement.


Under a separate proposal from ICTSI, the company has publicly shared a US$340 million-plus expansion of Webb Dock aiming to provide the lowest cost, most efficient and environmentally sustainable long-term solution for extra capacity at the Australian port.


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