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List of US Anti-dumping Products to China

List of US Anti-dumping Products to China
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1) Base metals and their products - steel nails, steel pipes, carbon alloy steel rods, Silicon Metal, Diamond Saw Blade, Stainless Steel Pressure Pipe, Carbon Steel Plate, Oil Special Pipe, Cold Shaft Carbon Steel, Thin Wall Rectangular Steel Pipe, Iron Hanger and Parts, Threaded Steel Bar, Spring Washer, Unsealed Internal Spring Parts, Stainless steel deep water tank, cold rolled steel, seamless carbon and alloy steel standard pipe, pipeline and pressure pipe, tapered roller bearing, cast iron parts, magnesium, galvanized sheet, heavy forging hand tools (such as axe / crowbar / hammer / pick head), steel high pressure gas bottle;
2) Chemical products - caprolactam (also known as lithium carbonate), polyethylene terephthalate film and strip, polyvinyl alcohol, potassium permanganate, melamine, natural bristle paint brush and brush head;
3) Miscellaneous products - glasses, animal fur, wooden bedroom furniture, composite wood flooring, amorphous silicon fabric, crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, small diameter graphite electrodes;
4) Mechanical and electrical equipment and components - ball bearings, windshields, brake drums and brake rotors;
5) Paper and paper products - coated paper, grid paper, tissue paper, folding gift boxes, crepe paper, uncoated paper;
6) Textile products - polyester man-made fibers, canvas, woven electric blankets;
7) Prepared foods and beverages - canned mushrooms, citric acid and citrate, warfarin, frozen and canned warm water shrimp;
8) Plastic and rubber products - composite woven bags, polyethylene tote bags, new pneumatic OTR tires;
9) Mineral and mineral fuels - diamond saw blades and components;
10) Household appliances - color television, large household washing machines;
11) Vehicle and vessel transport equipment and components - bicycles, trolleys;
12) building materials and glass products - aluminum, biaxial geogrid, magnesia carbon brick;
13) Vegetable products - honey;
14) disposable consumables - plastic bags, lunch boxes;
15) Pen - ball pen pencil;
16) Metal hanger.
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