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MSC and DB Schenker reach biofuels agreemen

MSC, which is based in Switzerland, and DB Schenker, a freight forwarder owned by German rail operator Deutsche Bahn, have an agreement aimed at reducing carbon emissions through the use of second-generation biofuels. The agreement covers all DB Schenker LCL cargo, LCL (less than containerized), FCL (full containerized) and MSC reefer containers of 12,000 tonnes of biofuel assemblies.


DB Schenker stated the amount of biofuel derived from used cooking oil was enough to save an additional 35,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent across the production chain, adding that the purchase agreement "is one of the largest carbon-emitting biofuel deals between freight forwarders and shipping companies". DB Schenker points out that, depending on how the fuel is used, ships of about 30,000 teUs could achieve net zero CO2 emissions. The biofuel composition will be blended between 20 and 30 per cent, resulting in about 50,000 tonnes of blended biofuel for use on MSC container ships.


MSC Senior Vice President Caroline Becquart added: "Decarbonisation of maritime transport cannot be achieved by a single player and requires collaboration between shipping and logistics companies and their customers. The MSC Biofuel solution is our first certified carbon embedding program that reduces emissions in our customers' supply chains, accelerating the energy transition by creating net zero carbon shipping demand and direct CO2 savings."


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