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Maersk will see a expansion of its Airfreight network with direct flights between China and the US

Maersk will see a expansion of its Airfreight network with direct flights between China and the US   




Maersk stated in its latest market analysis released on Nov. 28 that it will accelerate the business development of its Air Cargo unit, Maersk Air Cargo.Maersk Air Cargo plans to significantly expand its air cargo network in the coming weeks, including the launch of direct air flights between China and the US at the end of December, linking the manufacturing and commercial centres of eastern China with those of the East Coast and Midwest of the US. Air flights will also be launched between Hangzhou and Chongqing in China and Billund in Denmark.


In addition, Maersk Air Cargo will launch air flights from Hangzhou, China, via Incheon, South Korea, to Chicago and Rockford in the United States at the end of November this year, with two flights per week, increasing to six flights per week from January 2, 2023. "Hangzhou is one of China's high-tech manufacturing hubs, while Chicago and Rockford are important gateways to the U.S. Midwest," Maersk explained.


Also launched at the end of November is an air service from Shenyang, China, via Incheon, South Korea, to Greenville-Spartanburg, USA, with at least three flights a week starting in early January 2023. Earlier on Oct. 31, Maersk Air Cargo launched a twice-weekly air service between Greenville-Spartanburg in the U.S. and Incheon in South Korea.


Maersk Air Cargo was set up in April this year, based on Maersk's internal Air carrier Star Air, with Denmark's second largest airport Billund airport as its hub. It is understood that Maersk Air Cargo will progressively deploy and operate five freighters, comprising two new Boeing 777 freighters, as well as three leased Boeing 767-300 freighters. These are manageable capacity for Maersk, giving customers more flexibility and visibility into their supply chains. In addition, Maersk Air will be integrated with the company's Marine, inland and warehousing operations to ensure supply chain stability.


In its 2022 World Air Cargo Forecast (WACF), Boeing noted that demand for air cargo services will remain strong and global air cargo traffic will double over the next 20 years. According to WACF 2022, global air cargo traffic will more than double between now and 2041, and carriers will need to introduce more capable, fuel-efficient and sustainable aircraft such as the 777-8 freighter to meet demand.


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