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Breaking: Fire broke out on the container ship

Breaking: Fire broke out on the container ship



On October 5, a container ship named "TSS PEARL" burst into flames in the Red Sea. Thick black smoke came out of the burning container, and the stern of the container ship and the crew accommodation area were engulfed in smoke. All 25 crew members abandoned the ship and escaped.


The incident is understood to have happened in the Red Sea, north-west of the Farassan Islands in Saudi Arabia, when a fire broke out in a stack of aft containers stacked immediately in front of the accommodation area as the TSS PEARL was travelling from Jeddah to Aden. The 25 crew members who abandoned ship were picked up by passing tankers and later picked up by Saudi Arabia's Coast Guard (CG) and landed at Jazan Port in Saudi Arabia. All were safe. Ships passing through the area gave way to burning vessels to avoid toxic fumes and possible explosions.


TSS PEARL was built in 2008 with a capacity of 2007TEU. It is operated by TEHAMA SHIPPING SERVICES, a United Arab Emirates shipping company, and currently serves regional routes shared by many of the world's leading shipping companies. According to the shipping company's website, the TSS PEARL was most likely a public feeder ship between the ports of Jeddah and Aden.


In addition, the TSS PEARL may be involved in a number of co-holding shipping lines, including CMA CMA, COSCO, Maersk, Haberot, MCC, PIL and Seago. 

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