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CargoWise & ZIM join forces to improve customer experience

CargoWise & ZIM join forces to improve customer experience 

Israeli container shipping company ZIM has partnered with WiseTech Global to improve customer experience through direct data links between its systems. Yixing said that supply chain visibility is increasingly important to logistics businesses, and access to real-time operational data drives critical decisions in an ever-changing industrial environment.


According to a statement, the CargoWise-ZIM data connection now gives CargoWise customers access to direct electronic messages for timetables, bookings, tracking, verification gross weight, shipping instructions and bill of lading data. "Estel has made digitization a priority and provides our clients with an accessible, digital approach to direct connectivity that allows us to provide the best-in-class multi-service care we are known for," commented Karin Schweitzer, Vice President, Estar Global Customer Service.


As a platform used by some of the worlds largest global freight forwarders, we are delighted to be partnering with WiseTech Global and CargoWise. This connection will serve both companies as mutual customers will receive faster, more reliable confirmations and information about their cargo information," Schweitzer added.


By removing the limitations of using third-party connections, CargoWise expands the range of connections customers can access on the platform, allowing freight forwarders and carriers to exchange relationship-specific information, which helps automate processes, reporting and viewing. Ashley Skaanild, Regional Vice President, Logistics Data and Connectivity, WiseTech Global, said: "Estel and WiseTech will continue to leverage the strengths of our partnership to strengthen connections to additional capabilities, such as contracts and spot rates."


Skaanild continued: "It is exciting that we have reached a milestone in ocean carrier connectivity - over 95% of the ocean cargo managed by our customers through the CargoWise platform can be Contact to make a booking. This is extremely beneficial to all parties. We are simplifying the supply chain by enhancing cross-border operations and providing access to essential information through electronic data interchange. This is the future of logistics.


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