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Export prohibition

Export prohibition

According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce on August 3, according to relevant laws and regulations, it was decided to suspend the export of natural sand to Taiwan, and the relevant measures will be implemented from August 3, 2022.

In fact, this is not the first time the mainland has suspended exports of natural sand to Taiwan. According to a 2007 Ministry of Commerce document, more than 90 percent of Taiwan's natural sand imports at that time came from the mainland. In August 2005, the mainland proposed a macro-control policy to curb the export of "high pollution, high energy consumption, resource-based (two high and one capital)" products. Natural sand belongs to the category of resource products. In order to protect resources and the environment and achieve sustainable economic development, in December 2006, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs issued Announcement No. 87, announcing that since March 1, 2007, Reinstate the ban on natural sand exports. In December 2017, a report by Taiwanese media Zhongshi Electronic News revealed that at that time, about 40% of the construction market in northern Taiwan imported sand and gravel, and almost 90% depended on the mainland. Pay attention to.

In addition, in accordance with relevant import and export regulations, as well as food safety requirements and standards, relevant departments will immediately take measures for grapefruit, lemon, orange and other citrus fruits, chilled white hairfish and frozen horse mackerel exported from Taiwan to the mainland. Suspend input action.

The General Administration of Customs also issued a notice that since last year, mainland customs have repeatedly detected quarantine pests—Planococcus minor, and fenthion and dimethoate residues in citrus fruits exported from Taiwan to the mainland; this year In June, the package of chilled white hairtail and frozen horse mackerel exported from Taiwan to the mainland was found to be positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid. In order to prevent risks, according to the relevant laws, regulations and standards of the mainland, it is hereby decided to suspend the import of citrus fruits, chilled white hairfish and frozen horse mackerel from Taiwan to the mainland from August 3, 2022.

The latest information on the official website of the General Administration of Customs of China shows that among the 3,200 registrations of 58 food categories by Taiwanese companies, a total of 2,066 are currently listed as suspended imports, accounting for nearly 65%, including many well-known manufacturers such as Guo Yuanyi and Yu Zhenxin. . In addition, three tea companies and about 700 fishing boats are included in the list.

Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said on August 3 that the "Taiwan Democracy Foundation" and the "International Cooperation and Development Foundation", affiliated organizations of "Taiwan independence" diehards, under the guise of "democracy" and "cooperative development", have aggressively pursued international campaigns. Engaged in "Taiwan independence" separatist activities, trying to win over external anti-China forces, attacking and smearing the mainland, and using money as bait to expand Taiwan's so-called "international space" in an attempt to undermine the one-China structure of the international community. The mainland has decided to take disciplinary measures against the above-mentioned foundations, prohibit them from cooperating with mainland organizations, enterprises, and individuals, punish organizations, enterprises, and individuals that provide financial aid or services to the above-mentioned foundations, and take other necessary measures. Mainland organizations, enterprises, and individuals are prohibited from conducting any transactions and cooperation with Xuande Energy, Lingwang Technology, Tianliang Medical, Tianyan Satellite Technology and other enterprises that have donated to the above-mentioned foundations, and the persons in charge of relevant enterprises are prohibited from entering the country.

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