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Planned rail strike in UK

Planned rail strike in UK


Recently, there has been a lot of news of strikes across Europe. According to the latest news from foreign media, the National Union of Railway, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) has announced plans to hold strikes on July 27, August 18 and August 20, which are expected to disrupt the railway network across the UK. For recent shipments to the UK, please pay attention to the impact of logistics delays.




According to local media reports, around 40,000 RMT union members will join the strike for work pay and working conditions. The general secretary of the RMT union said: The rail industry and the government need to understand that this dispute will not simply go away. They need to take seriously offers to offer pay that will help address the cost of living. Provide job security for our members and provide good working conditions.


Maersk has also issued an announcement on the planned railway strike in the UK, expressing that I hope everyone understands that the RMT union's strike action plan on July 27, August 18 and August 20 will cause major damage to the entire UK railway network. Maersk said it is working closely with rail freight operators to understand the overall impact this will have on inland operations and will be able to communicate plan modifications and service omissions in the near future. If the strike date goes as planned, the Maersk team will work to reduce disruption to customers within the constraints of operational feasibility.


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