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Customs intercepted 8 tons of "dynamite" in container ready for shipping

Customs intercepted 8 tons of "dynamite" in container ready for shipping


Recently, Guangzhou Customs seized a batch of Class 1 dangerous cargo (explosives) fireworks and firecrackers that were not declared to the Customs through the export freight channel, totaling 576,000 pieces and weighing about 8 tons. At present, it has been disposed of in accordance with my country's "Regulations on the Safety Management of Fireworks and Firecrackers".




Previously, the officers of Nansha Customs, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Customs, inspected a shipment of exported goods according to the control and inspection instructions. After opening the container, the on-site customs officers found that there were no "pumps" and other goods in the container. At the same time, in several cartons packed in simple woven bags, they found birthdays that had not been declared to the customs, had no signs of dangerous goods, and were not packaged with dangerous goods. A batch of fireworks and candles. After on-site inventory, the batch of birthday fireworks and candles amounted to 576,000, weighing about 8 tons.


Birthday fireworks candles contain gunpowder ingredients, which will emit fireworks when lit with an open flame. The temperature of the spark jet can be as high as 700 to 800 degrees Celsius, which can burn the human body and ignite objects. It belongs to the category of fireworks and firecrackers. These fireworks and firecrackers hidden in ordinary containers are like a "ticking time bomb" under high temperature, and there are huge security risks.


Recently, the customs officers of Shanghai Waigaoqiao port area also seized 800,000 undeclared lighters when inspecting a batch of export goods. This batch of goods was declared as miscellaneous items such as pencil sharpeners, milk bottles, plastic spoons, etc., but contained a large number of undeclared lighters, which were simply packed in cardboard boxes without any protective measures. At present, it has been transferred to the special supervision warehouse for dangerous goods, and has been identified as Category 2.1 dangerous cargo.




The customs reminds that Class 1 dangerous cargo such as fireworks and firecrackers must be exported through ports with corresponding qualifications, and must meet the relevant national regulations on the transportation and storage of flammable and explosive dangerous goods. The customs will crack down on the illegal export of dangerous cargo such as fireworks and firecrackers.


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