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Carriers announced: implement peak season/congestion/overweight surcharge

Recently, Maersk, CMA CGM, and Hapag-Lloyd have all issued announcements that surcharges will be levied. 

Maersk said that due to the current emergency at the Italian port of La Spezia, in order to continue to serve customers globally, it is imposing a peak season surcharge on all import and export trucks moves to/from La Spezia.


Peak Season Surcharge: EUR 150

Effective date: July 1st 2022.

Validity: until further notice. 

CMA CGM issued an announcement stating that in order to continue its efforts to provide customers with reliable and efficient service, it is notifying the following overweight surcharges :


Effective June 15th, 2022 (loading date) until futher notice:

From Hong Kong & South East Asia

To West Coast Central America & Mexico West Coast (Panama excepted)

Cargo: 20' Dry

Quantum: USD 200 per 20' dry with container gross weight over 20 tons and under 27 tons | USD

500 per 20' with container gross weight equal to and over 27 tons


Hapag-Lloyd said congestion had reached critical levels at France's largest container ports, Le Havre and Fos-sur-Mer. As a result, a congestion surcharge will be levied at both ports. This surcharge applies to all import and export trucking of all container types.


The details for this surcharge are listed below:

Effective date for non-FMC trades: July 1, 2022 until further notice

Effective date for FMC trades: August 1, 2022 until further notice

EUR 25 for all import and export truck haulage moves, for all container types


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