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Port of Southampton accommodates two ULCVs simultaneously

In a historic milestone, the Port of Southampton hosted two of the world's largest container vessels simultaneously.


The UK port's Marine Pilots successfully manoeuvred the two ultra large container vessels (ULCVs) into the DP World-operated terminal.


Associated British Ports (ABP) has invested in widening the channel within the Western Docks, which has allowed the largest container vessels to pass the biggest cruise ships berthed in the port.


"The team's deep knowledge, experience and dedication ensured this operation was completed safely and efficiently. After establishing parameters, the Pilots and tug crews underwent rigorous training and simulation exercises to familiarise themselves with the manoeuvring intricacies of the CAT 7 Vessels. Their commitment to mastering every aspect of the operation ensured a smooth and safe berthing process for MV Manilla Express," stated Steve Masters, Southampton Harbour Master.


The ABP Southampton Marine Department, comprising the Harbour Master, Pilots, VTS, Marine Planning, and Hydrography, played an important role in the successful berthing of an ultra-large vessel at Southampton DP World's SCT 2/3 berth.


Captains Noel Charlton and Chris Hoyle, entrusted with the Act of Pilotage for the "Manila Express," reflected on the journey leading to this historic moment. They said, "This is a significant achievement at the Port to ensure it can welcome two of the largest container vessels at the same time. We both worked closely with the vessel's Captain and crew; none of this would have been achievable without the collective efforts of all the specialist Pilots, tug crews, and stakeholders involved in the ground-breaking endeavour."


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