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Kaohsiung seals harbour after boxship lists


Kaohsiung Harbor 1 had to be sealed off this morning (20 July), after a container ship listed and sent some boxes falling overboard.


Taiwan International Ports Corporation said that around 9 am local time today, it was alerted to the incident involving the 2003-built 1,581 TEU Angel, which suffered water ingress after its hull cracked.


The ship captain announced that the crew was abandoning the vessel, and all 19 seafarers were rescued. One of the men was injured and was sent to a hospital.


Marshall Islands-incorporated Navramar Shipping is shown in databases as being the owner of Angel, which had arrived in Kaohsiung from Dalian, China, on 2 July. VesselsValue lists the last charterer of the ship as Taiwan-based Cheng Lie Navigation (CNC Line), CMA CGMs intra-Asia arm.


Around 8.46 pm local time on 4 July, port authorities acceded to a request from the captain of Angel to be moored at Kaohsiungs anchorage No. 2, to await further orders. Angel had been anchored there with 1,349 empty containers, until todays incident, which caused the ship to list, causing six boxes to fall into the water. Accordingly, the harbour was closed off to facilitate the salvage works.


TIPC requested Angels agent to set up at least two oil booms to prevent oil spills, arrange for water to be pumped out of the ship, and salvage the fallen containers.


A command post has been set up at the port to prepare food, water, and towels for the rescued seamen. At present, two tugs have been dispatched for protection, and a meeting will be held this afternoon to discuss the towing of Angel.


It is the second accident to hit Taiwans main port this month. On 10 July, the Wan Hai 312 hit and damaged some revetment in Terminal No. 2.


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