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Port of London Authority and RightShip unveil decarbonisation partnership



RightShip, an Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)-focussed digital maritime platform, will work together with the Port of London Authority (PLA) to support the Net Zero transition on the United Kingdom's Thames.


In particular, under this partnership, the Port of London Authority will use RightShips Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP), enabling accurate measurement, identification, and execution of an effective decarbonisation strategy.


MEP is a sustainability data assessment tool that combines Automatic Identification System (AIS) vessel traffic data with RightShip insights to identify areas of concern and opportunities to reduce environmental impacts.


Robin Mortimer, chief executive at PLA, commented, "This partnership will provide us with valuable data and insights to effectively measure emissions and develop targeted strategies to not only reduce the environmental impact on the river and estuary, but also improve the air quality and health of local communities."


The MEP is expected to employ an energy-based modelling approach to calculate emissions from ships operating within the port of London boundary.


It will actually measure up to 16 different emissions against targets specified by the Port of London Authority.


This collaboration is anticipated to provide RightShip with live operational data from the UK port, enabling the ongoing development and refinement of the MEP based on real-time insights into its functioning.


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