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The Aspen Institute, Amazon, Patagonia, and Tchibo Launch the Zero Emission Maritime Buyers Alliance (ZEMBA) to Accelerate Maritime Shipping Decarbonization



Global retailer Amazon, North American high-end outdoor brand Patagonia, and global coffee producer Tchibo, together with the Aspen Institute, have announced that Establish Zero Emissions Shipping Buyers Alliance (ZEMBA).


ZEMBA is a non-profit organization that aims to provide zero-emission transportation solutions to more businesses and is the initiative unit of the Global Shippers Led Decarbonization Platform (coZEV). ZEMBA helps shippers accelerate the implementation of zero-emission transportation solutions, achieve economies of scale, and minimize shipping carbon emissions. With the addition of more new members, ZEMBA will be able to build confidence among investors, shippers, shipowders and renewable energy producers in meeting the goal of decarbonising the shipping industry, it said.


"We are proud to work with these three co-founding member companies, all of whom are extremely influential in their respective industries," said Ingrid Irigoyen, President and CEO of ZEMBA and director of the Aspen Institute's Shipping Decarbonization Initiative. Our goal is to make zero-emission solutions affordable to more businesses." In response to the launch of the ZEMBA, Kara Hurst, Vice President of Global Sustainability at Amazon, said: "Minimizing the shipping industry's impact on climate requires continued collaboration, investment and innovation from all sides of the industry, which is why we joined the ZEMBA." Kara Hurs further stated that by joining ZEMBA, Amazon is taking steps with other shippers to provide new solutions for shipping decarbonization and energy transition.


"The climate crisis is an existential threat and we need all sectors of society to work together," said Todd Soller, head of global Supply Chain at Patagonia. Patagonia relies heavily on sea transport to move materials and finished products around the world, so we need to rely on organisations like ZEMBA to help companies scale up their decarbonisation solutions to radically reduce their carbon emissions."


To achieve the goal of zero carbon emissions, Chibao now needs scalable solutions, said Werner Weber, CEO of Chibao Group. "ZEMBA gives us the opportunity to address emissions from maritime transport, which account for about 13 per cent of our total carbon footprint."


Werner Weber stressed that the entire shipping chain, including shippers like Chibao, must play a leading role in creating a decarbonized shipping industry. The ZEMBA is a viable way to dramatically boost decarbonisation by linking up with more shippers.


"Through ZEMBA, we look forward to working with more shippers to drive the future of clean energy in the shipping industry," said Dan Porterfield, president and CEO of the Aspen Institute.


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