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Wan Hai's container ship has been involved in a serious collision in Ho Chi Minh

Wan Hai's container ship has been involved in a serious collision in Ho Chi Minh




At around 5 a.m. on February 11, local time in Vietnam, a serious collision occurred in the Dragon River in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


One of the vessels involved was the WANHAI 288, a container ship owned by Taiwan's Wanhai Shipping, whose Chinese name is Yuanchun. The ship, with 23,803 deadweight tons and 2038 TEU maximum load capacity, was built in 2021 and is under the management of Wan Hai Shipping under the Singapore flag. The other vessel involved was a small container ship named RESURGENCE. IMO 9251169, with 11,247 dead weight tons and a maximum container load of 915 TEU, was built in 2002 under the Bahamian flag. The ship management company was KOTOKU KAIUN CO LTD.


At the time of the incident, the RESURGENCE vessel was making its way upstream to Ho Chi Minh City and WAN HAI 288 was on its way to Kaohsiung Port from Ho Chi Minh. RESURGENCE The front of the ship hit WAN HAI 288 on the port side of the bow. As shown above, the port side cargo deck area of WAN HAI 288 was seriously damaged and several containers were also damaged. WAN HAI 288 was also forced to run aground on the bank after the collision and is still in place. However, the vessel was able to continue its journey and docked at Ho Chi Minh Container Terminal around 0930 LT.


According to local media reports, the accident caused no injuries or environmental pollution. According to the shipping schedule data, Ship WANHAI 288 is currently deployed by Wanhai on the JSV route and was on voyage S018/N019 at the time of the accident. The common space company on board may involve Wan Hai and HMM.


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